Collage of Gold Leaf Sign examples


At SIGN 2000, you can choose from a variety of superior products to create your own custom, carved signage project. Our superior products include high-density urethane, extira®, redwood, cedar, obeechee, and more. You get letter-perfect sign copy, shapes, and logos for dimensional carved signs every time. Moreover, it’s all done in a fraction of the time needed for hand-carving.

Standard PVC Sign Kit Shapes

Standard Wall Sign Shapes


gold leaf sign example that read Tri-Town Medical CenterSpecialty finishes are available in 23k gold leaf, as well as platinum, silver, copper, and a variegated effect.

All are hand-applied in-house by our skilled and knowledgeable staff.

When you want to add a striking, eye-catching elegance to any sign, gold leaf or any of the other specialty finishes available is the answer.

If you are looking for an old town or elegant look then you should give wood engraving a try. Nothing can match that old classic conservative look that wood gives. It will last through rain, snow, or shine. The details on the sign can range from simple to intricate patterns.

If you have any questions or concerns, Feel free to give us a call anytime. A representative will be glad to assist you.