Nearly all manufactured parts need to be identified in some way. Metal nameplates are the most durable and attractive way to accomplish this. Etched stainless steel is the most durable, Photosensitive gives the best detail and in small quantities is very price competitive. Stonewear (our trade name for protected metal surface printed nameplates) gives the best overall value and is available in many thicknesses of Aluminum Brass and Stainless Steel. All of these plates can be furnished with either holes or a variety of adhesives.
Personnel Plates & Holders 

Most companies and organizations have personnel plates for their employees. This helps personalize the employees to your customers and tends to make your employees feel and act as part of your team. Logos, names, and titles can all be part of your plates.


Coins are used to commemorate special events or as tokens in exchange for goods and services. We can provide for very fine detail including bas relief and buildings or skylines.

Plaques and Awards  

Throughout the ages, the epitome of a memorial plaque has been the cast bronze plaque. These plaques can be furnished with a basrelief of the person memorialized and are primarily used because of their beauty and durability. Inexpensive plaques which can capture very fine detail such as in a fine photograph can make Photosensitive plaques the plaque of choice. These plaques also offer the quickest turnaround time. Donor or award brass plaques with printed headers and engraved donor or award recipient plates can be a very effective way to recognize various deeds.

 Nameplates                                                                                                                     Top
Model and Serial Number Plates 

These plates provide important information necessary for warranties and limitation of product liability. Serialization of these plates can be provided for a nominal cost

Warning and Instructional Plates 

These plates, usually color coded in compliance with guidelines established by the American National Safety Institute in an attempt to reduce product liability, instruct operators in the safe usage of your product.

Decorative Trim Plates 

These plates are used as a decorative part of a quality product and are made to the highest standards of the nameplate industry. All decorative trim nameplates are pre-masked to protect against scratches. Please specify decorative trim nameplates if you desire these unusually high standards.

Inventory and Asset Tags 

These plates are being used increasingly by companies for permanent marking of all business property, office equipment as well as production equipment.

Bar Code Plates

Barcoded nameplates, which include sequential numbers in bar codes and human-readable figures, can be supplied to your specifications. Bar codes are reproduced photographically on sealed, anodized aluminum ranging in thickness from .003 inches to .060 inches, resulting in one of the most durable plates available. Tolerances on bar code widths can be held to .001 inches.

Promotional Plates

Unique promotional ideas! Metal plates are very distinctive and they gain the attention of prospective customers at a reasonable price.

 Personnel Plates & Holders
Personnel Plates

These plates are generally manufactured by cutting through a top layer of plastic to expose the bottom layer of plastic (usually a contrasting color). Metallic plates can also be engraved and filled with contrasting colors. These plates are very durable and while they too can be generated by computers the mechanical engraving for complex styles may become costly. Other methods include reverse engraving, which can give a beautiful 3-dimensional effect, and vinyl die-cutting, which allows the greatest design flexibility.


Traditional holders can be furnished in extruded gold or silver anodized aluminum as well as walnut wood bases. Architectural frames and holders can be custom-made from extruded aluminum or decorative molded plastic. These systems are designed for decorative interior signage, directories, changeable messages, and ADA signage. For additional information, contact your customer service representative.

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Cast Bronze 
Cast Plaques are available in both aluminum and bronze. For thousands of years, cast bronze plaques have been used to commemorate: outstanding achievements by an individual, group of people, or an organization. The casting process provides significant relief of the copy so that images of faces, buildings, and logos stand out readily against the background. The plaques come with a number of standard border styles and mounting methods. Please contact your sales representative with any questions or concerns.

Donor plaques typically have a brass header plate and numerous smaller brass plates which are affixed via wood screws to, typically, a walnut mount. To arrive at a price for these plaques you need to determine the number of dinners you currently need to recognize and then add the number of future donors that you anticipate. In addition, we will need to know if there are any special considerations in considering the size of the dinner plates. 1? X 3? plates are standard.

Award plaques are generally preprinted plates that can be personalized at the time of recognition. Usually, personalization is achieved by engraving a person’s name and date. Please contact your sales representative if you have any special needs.