El Light

These looked cool, ultra-flexible animated posters. SIGN 2000 Flatlight uses EL (Electroluminescent) to manufacture striking signage. The above picture doesn’t do the display justice, animation after the jump. So what exactly is SIGN 2000? This is how Flexmedia explains it: SIGN 2000 is essentially a flat light bulb sandwich consisting of layers of a conductive and non-conductive plastic and a layer of phosphor. The phosphor is laminated between two conductive layers and, as a voltage is applied between the two conductive layers or electrodes, the phosphor emits light energy. When a high-quality, high-resolution image is printed over the light, it behaves like a backlit sign.

el flatlight

SIGN 2000

SIGN 2000 LightBox

SIGN 2000 LightBox

SIGN 2000

SIGN 2000 LightBox

SIGN 2000 LightBox

Mechanism Electroluminescence is the result of radiative rombination of electrons and holes in a material (usually a semiconductor). The excited electrons release their energy as photons – light. Prior to recombination, electrons and holes are separated either as a result of doping of the material to form a p-n junction (in semiconductor electroluminescent devices such as LEDs), or through excitation by impact of high-energy electrons accelerated by a strong electric field (as with the phosphors in electroluminescent displays).

What is El Light It produces light when phosphor crystals are excited by being exposed to electric current. Electroluminescent (EL) panels and strips can be found as backlighting for LCDs in pagers, cell phones, watches, and control panels as well as strip lighting for egress, decor architecture, broadcast sets, and much more. Electroluminescent (EL) light has many benefits:

  • No filament to break
  • never fails to light!
  • Flexible
  • Cool to the touch? negligible heat emission
  • Highly visible in the darkness, smoke, fog, etc. versus point sources of light
  • Easy to look at, pleasing to the eye
  • Paper thin
  • Does not impair night vision
  • Can be seen at greater distances than point source lamps in dark conditions
  • Low energy consumption (Most efficient light source on Earth!
  • No hazardous materials ? landfill friendly
  • Maintenance Free




Electroluminescent See-Thru Vinyls
For those places where it is advantageous to have see-thru windows without seeing any trace of the brightly illuminated and/or flashing message on the other side (see the two top images to the right) our Electro-Luminescent See-Thru Vinyls are ideal. Restaurant chains, International Airports, the Lotteries and others are already loving it. Now, with Per?f-Alite. ?One-Way? Electric Vinyl, graphics will remain brilliantly visible even during evening hours, unlike ordinary see thru graphics where the image fades away at night when the lighting intensity inside the store is greater than the level of light outdoors. Turn any glass surface into a spectacular illuminated display without interferring with vision out of the office Vehicles can be used as luminous mobile advertising. Electric vinyl shields bus passengers from the sun Dress up window displays with the semi-transparent vinyl

The definition of an EL lamp (Electro Luminescent lamp) is a capacitor structure with a
phosphor sandwiched between two electrodes. One part of the electrode is transparent to
allow light to pass. Once voltage is sent through an inverter across the electrodes it
generates a changing electric field within the phosphor which then causes the phosphor to
It takes anywhere from 100 volts to 400 volts to light an EL lamp. There also has to be a
high enough frequency to light the lamps; this frequency is anywhere from 100 hertz to
1,000 hertz. You get this voltage and frequency using a small inverter which takes the DC
voltage and changes it to AC voltage. The inverter sends out the correct frequency to
allow the lamp to light. The typical power consumption of an EL is less than .25 MA at
115V AC per one square centimeter. When the voltage is increased to an EL lamp the
light then gets brighter; when the frequency is changed the color of the EL lamp changes.
The color of light emitted from an EL can vary depending on the phosphors that are used.
Some common colors are blue/green and yellow/green, white, blue and orange.
The life of an EL lamp varies based on the way it is used. EL lamps have a half life; once
they reach their half life the brightness starts to fade rapidly. If the light is just being
turned on when you hit a key on a switch the lamp will take a very long time to reach its
half life, approximately 3000-5000 hours depending upon the quality of the phosphor
used. EL lamps are not a good choice if the lamp is on for an extended period of time.
To help expand the life of an EL lamp you can have it fade or flash, this could double the
life of the lamp.

EL T-Shirt,EL caps and Electroluminescent apparel Pre-Attached to T-shirt or as DIY kit, can be fixed on T-Shirt, caps, bags, watch, jeans etc. …


Show your personality with this high-tech leather arm band, with its programmable message display

No more shyness with this T-shirt! A very light weight electronics system with an LED scrolling display inserted into the T-shirt allows you to program your own messages simply and quickly. The impact is incredible – everybody will look at you.

Nowadays kids want to express themselves; they want to speak their minds. Girls are ?madly in love?, and boys are ?wicked?! HO! HyperObjets has been designing clothes and fashion accessories since 2004. Unusual and highly functional, these clothes give everyone the opportunity to announce exactly who they are.

Electroluminescent T-Shirt Incredible! An equalizer that follows the rhythm of the music thanks to an integrated microphone. 3D pictures or an electrocardiogram flashing on your TShirt!
A flexible luminous display on the T-Shirt is connected to a small supply pack that you slip into your pocket or clip onto your belt. The display is removable for washing.
The X-change model features a large rectangle with 5 blinking areas. Print your own drawings on the special paper supplied and place them onto the foil to illuminate your own unique designs (spare paper foil sold separately).


Show what?s on your mind!

LightBag US fashion at school. Show your “super-bag” on the playground. It has a scrolling LED display that will amaze your friends and will make you visible from a distance for added security.

Necklace Firejewelry Where the luxury of Swarovskicrystal meets LED technology. Crystals illuminate your chest! Design and elegance united.
A very small battery hidden in the back locket system powers a coloured micro LED for about 40 hours.


Low energy consumption- it can be light up by 50Vrmc(AC) or above.
Extremely thin- it can be as thin as 0.1mm
Flexibility- It gives you light even while it’s bending. (minimum of 5mm in radius)
Heatless- although EL generate light, it does not generate heat.

Max single EL sheet:1150X 1850mm High transparent,Wonderful design Indoor &outdoor use Different size EL for invertor driver Can produce as the customers’ requirements