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1. Gooseneck Lights
Gooseneck lighting is a unique lighting originated with the desire to illuminate storefront signs. The initial style, as well as function, generated the need for compatible applications. Such as, overhead lighting of courtyards, and doorways, walks, and gardens. While all of these lighting fixtures have been designed and used for “exterior settings, they can also add a dramatic interior affect. From restaurant salad bars, to contemporary kitchens. These lights are quite unique, and we are sure you will find them a valuable addition to any project.

2. Fluorescent Lights
Outdoor, Self contained fluorescent sign light.
The fixture comes complete for installation with integral electronic ballast, arms, and canopies. The integral electronic ballast is built into the fixture no need to place a remote ballast. Just wire and hang. Each 54 Watt T5 High Output bulb (not included) provides 5,000 Lumens of light.

3. Flat-lights
These looked cool, ultra flexible animated posters. SIGN 2000 Flatlight uses EL (Electroluminescent) to manufacture striking signage. The above picture doesn’t do the display justice, animation after the jump. So what exactly is SIGN 2000? This is how Flexmedia explain it: SIGN 2000 is essentially a flat light bulb sandwich consisting of layers of conductive and non-conductive plastic and a layer of phosphor. The phosphor is laminated between two conductive layers and, as a voltage is applied between the two conductive layers, or electrodes, the phosphor emits light energy. When a high-quality, high-resolution image is printed over the light, it behaves like a backlit sign.

4. LED Lights
Large electronic displays become more and more important Because of its optical characteristics as well as long life time of LED lamps (more than 200.000 working hours) the possibility of their use is really wide.


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