PRECISION-CUT WITH HIGH-PRESSURE WATER JET AND LASER. Stylish enough for the boardroom yet tough enough for the great outdoors, our Flat Cut Metal Letters and Logos are made true, from high-grade plate metal.


From prime Aluminum to Stainless Steel, to Bronze, to Brass, Copper, and Core-Ten® steel, we offer the widest range of metal alloys, finishes, and gauges. More choices – more options for you.


Most Flat Cut Metal orders are manufactured and shipped within 7 to 10 days from a regional facility near you – even custom produced per your art.


Larger sizes typically require larger letter thickness. Below are our standard sizes. Please contact us for larger sizes.

Aluminum: ?”–1″ deep, ½”–46″ high
Bronze: ?”–1/2″ deep, ½”–46″ high
Brass: ?”–3/4″ deep, ½”–46″ high
Copper: ?”–3/8″ deep, ½”–40″ high
Steel: ?”–1/2″ deep, ½”–46″ high

Aluminum Finishes

Steel Finishes

Bronze, Brass and Copper Finishes

Polished & anodized finishes require a min. 2″ height and ¼” depth or 3″ height and ?” depth (stud mounts required). Restrictions may apply on letters over 24″. Actual color may vary from order to order due to the anodizing.All patinas, by their very nature, will vary form letter to letter and order to order. These finishes will change in appearance over time depending on contact with moisture and temperature. Patinas can “bleed” onto the installation surface when installed outside.

Standard Painted Colors

Mount Types

  • Stud Mount

    Letter backs of flat solid letters are drilled and tapped (1/4″ min. thickness) to receive threaded studs. Studs are pressed into pre-drilled wall holes and secured with adhesive and/or anchors – based on the wall type and letter weight. Studs can be aligned in-line for brick or block mortar upon request.  Letters 1/8″ thick can have studs bosses welded (additional charge) to the to receive the stud. (view drawing)

  • Top Stud Mount

    Letters 3/8″ and thicker can be drilled and tapped for a top stud installation. (view drawing)

  • Bottom Stud Mount

    Letters 3/8″ and thicker can be drilled and tapped for a bottom stud installation.  Letters with rounded bottoms (such as C,G,J,O,Q,S,U) can be sanded flat to properly align on a flat surface or rail. (view drawing)