The SUNSATION” AWNING SERIES has been designed to suit all types of commercial and residential applications. With our attention to quality, we have gained a reputation from our customers nationwide for reliability combined with function and esthetics.

Our SUNSATION” SELF-PITCH AWNING is a one-of-a-kind awning system in the industry. Its strength and compact design allow a projection of 1 1 ‘6″.
Because of its unique self-pitch feature, the customer can easily adjust the pitch from 0 to .35½. This design prevents costly service calls to readjust the awning. Since the pitch is controlled on each arm (it can not have more than 2 arms) is therefore limited to a maximum width of 21’.

The SUNSATION” STANDARD RETRACTABLE AWNING has the same design and strength as the SUNSATION”SELF-PITCH AWNING System, with a maximum width of 36 feet.
Maximum Width: 36 Feet Available Projections: 5′, 6’6″, 8′, 10′, 11’6′


Front Profile (a)
Front Profile (b)
Roller Tube
Square Bar


Self-Pitch Control Standard Pitch Control Level Attachment Gear Roller Support Center Roller Tube Plate
Roller Tube Cap Bracket Bracket Extension Nuts & Bolts Hood Cover Roof Mount Extension

With a fashionable and functional SUNSATION”Awning you’ll get sun shading when you want it and UV protection on demand!
Retractable Awnings bring style, interest, and function to the exterior of your home or business. They allow you to create bold visual statements, expand your outdoor living space, and can even lower your utility bills. But no matter how wonderful they look, they must be able to withstand the abuses of nature. SUNSATION” Awnings are covered with Sunbrella or Dickson fabrics.
Sunbrella Fabrics have constructed of solution-dyed acrylic yarns. Colors are locked into the fibers, so they won’t wash out. They resist fading from sun, wind, and rain, it actually swatches call your authorized dealer.

protects against harmful UV rays and does not harden or crack.
We stock over 125 colors and styles that will help you create the perfect look for your home or business.

Dickson Fabrics
Dickson Fabrics
Sunbrella Fabrics
Sunbrella Fabrics